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Matt Alonzo is widely recognized as a leading figure in digital video direction, pioneering the era of digital filmmaking.

With over 15 years of experience, he has significantly shaped the visual landscape of modern filmmaking. With an extensive portfolio boasting 800+ projects and notable collaborations with iconic brands like FazeClan, Ghost Energy, Porsche, and acclaimed artists including Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne, Matt has become synonymous with creativity and innovation. His work has garnered an impressive 50 billion views and achieved multiple #1 positions, showcasing his profound impact on content creation.

In 2008, Matt's career took a pivotal turn when he filmed and edited a concert headlined by Lil Wayne. With remarkable speed and skill, he edited the footage overnight and uploaded it to YouTube, garnering over 1 million views within 24 hours by cleverly labeling it as an "official music video."

Teaming up with DJ Skee, Matt co-founded Skee.TV, one of the earliest successful YouTube channels. Continuously pushing boundaries, he became a trailblazer in the industry, notably directing music videos using cutting-edge equipment like the Red One camera and the Canon 5D, revolutionizing music video production.

Venturing further, Matt founded his own production company, Modern Artists Creative, where he continued to thrive in directing music videos, branded content, and short films. While initially signed with ICM as a feature film director, he has since pursued independent ventures to realize his ambitions in feature filmmaking.

Most recently, Matt served as the Creative Director of Branded Content at FazeClan, a prominent esports and entertainment organization, spearheading content for renowned brands such as Porsche, DoorDash, Ghost Energy, and Nike. Through his visionary approach, Matt Alonzo continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry, shaping the future of visual storytelling.


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