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The World Famous Content King: Matt Alonzo

The Artistry Drop Podcast

This week on The Artistry Drop we have a true legend in the film industry!

Matt Alonzo is a creative visionary and award winning director + editor who has created hundreds of visuals in many genres including; Television, branded content, documentaries, music videos, narratives and social media content.

He has worked with tons of celebrities' such as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Tyga and so many more! In this episode we dive deep into some of the monumental struggles he went through in order to become the legendary pioneer he is today. Matt drops so many hidden gems and secrets on how to be successful in the industry and emphasizes the importance of natural talent over big budgets with the latest equipment.

We hope this impacts other creatives out there the same way Matt has inspired us over the years and through this episode!

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